The Vintage Comic Collection

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The Vintage Comic Collection

Gibsons G7015
1000 pieces, used and complete
680 x 486 mm
27 x 19 in

The British children’s comic The Dandy (1937-2012) reached sales of 2 million per week in the 1950s, but by its 75th anniversary sales figures had slumped to 8,000 per week and so it relaunched as an online edition, which folded 6 months later. Most popular comic strip characters were Korky the Cat and cow pie-eating Desperate Dan.
The Beano is now the longest running children’s comic, having been launched in 1938, with its 4000th edition being due in the summer of 2019. Characters include Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids, and Roger the Dodger. Other characters that have been phased out over the years include Pansy Potter and The Three Bears, but some have made a return, like Lord Snooty and Biffo the Bear.
What a nostalgia-fest! Fans of these two hugely popular kiddie-comics would love this puzzle, a collage featuring some of the best-loved British comic characters of the last 80 years. Recent times have seen a radical revamp of The Beano but the anarchic humour remains as popular as ever.
Oh yes, and the puzzle was complete!

Total piece count for 2018: 157,528
Puzzle number 220

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