Taco Tuesday

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Taco Tuesday

Today’s Taco Tuesday story and “Dazzling” sketch “by me”.
The beautiful blimp high in the sky you may remember previously seeing,
is the Muchocariba Tigernut Moon Pie from the “EBRA” around the Earth
once blimp race, it has just arrived here at the Playa Beautimus Retirement
Resort for the Taco Tuesday Celebration and ribbon cutting of the new shuffleboard pavilion, you can look forward to seeing in a future sketch.
The Muchocariba company blimp has brought along it’s 43 member
Moon Pie Mariachi Marching Band, and will be giving away their famous
Tigernut Cotija & Tequila cream filled moon pies to the hundreds of senior
shuffle borders.
The grand marshal owner and general manager Rescue Randy,
who is also the most interesting living tissue crash test
dummy in the Galaxy, is flying an experimental (FSU)
Flying Stuff University, flying lawn chair commuter
chopper, which is a story for another time, until
then taa ta the Rod Blog.

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