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Today’s story and sketch “by me”, I have caught up with Wiggli and Sandi Gruvins in their Ford F1, they are meeting two Sandweebs from the Planet Scalopa, who have for sale an entire flying saucer they witnessed crash into the Scalopan Desert, crashing at what they estimated to be twelve hundred miles an hour. When they reached the tangled wreckage they looked inside and recognized Rescue Randy, and realized the importance of carefully documenting and tagging every item as they removed Randy from the crumpled craft. Having read many of the Rescue Randy’s Adventure Novels, they knew crash test dummy first aid and how to apply crash test dummy living tissue putty, and Randy’s signature Medium Tan Two Thousand Mile An Hour Flesh Tape. After two weeks Randy was waking up, they called the intergalactic emergency situation hot line with Randy’s location, by the time JB arrived on the Planet Scalopa, the Sandweebs had completely disassembled the Sixty Five Foot Saucer, the only things left at the crash site were Randy, a beach chair and a few items that couldn’t be sold from the first aid kit a dozen moon pies, and a note that read get well soon, and thanks for the Saucer. And at this moment you see the Sandweebs negotiating the sale of the Saucer Parts to Wiggli and Sandi for their store, Gruvins Flying Saucer Parts Emporium, located at the Playa Beautimus Retirement Resort’s Outlet Stores, Gruvins specializes in decorator space junk, for the discriminating decorators and collectors of Rescue Randy Memorabilia, who want genuine space junk that failed while being tested by Rescue Randy, the most interesting living tissue crash test dummy in the Cosmos. There is an incredible intergalactic demand for the Bits and Pieces of genuine certified Rescue Randy Crashed Flying Saucer Parts. Until next time taa ta the Rod Blog.

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