Sammi’s Sun Blockers

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Sammi's Sun Blockers

Today’s story and sketch “by me” you see Sammi Gofish at the new Galaxy headquarters of
Sammi’s Sun Blockers, (sun glasses). Sammi relocated from his Rodeo Drive location to
this beautiful new building his brother Knobby built for him here at Wonder World, the greatest
theme park in the Galaxy.
Not only is the building beautiful and situated near the center of Wonder World, Sammi gets free
rent for his first 75 years. Park visitors by the hundreds of thousands will surely be looking
for stylish fashion eye wear for the Sunny Florida days.
If that was not enough to make the move from Beverly Hills to
the drained out swamp in southern Florida, what made the decision easy was when Knobby told
Sammi his best friend Rescue Randy was getting his own Crash Test Dummy theme Rides next to the Sun
Blocker Pavilion. Randy’s rides should be real thrillers, and possibly some of the most popular
in Wonder World, they will be virtual reality rides through some
of Randy’s most memorable experiences, like the Pacific Ocean ride to experience being hundreds
of feet under an oil platform in the Santa Barbara Chanel, or the Worm Hole ride where you pilot
an out of control B&R Anion Glider, and fall out of a Worm hole onto a planet with nothing but
nasty crawly things, (we hope to have sketches sometime in the future).
The one ride expected to have long hours of wait time will be the “Scooter Adventure” when Randy
was captured by Anthropoid women on (Females only), Galla Six a small moon near Venus. It was actually
a great thing they came along when they did, the Space scooter he was testing had a major malfunction and
all systems failed, including the tracker beacon and communication systems. (the park scooters are
guaranteed trouble free). Randy was taken to the Queen of Galla Six (Queen Badonkadonk),
to be dealt harshly for landing on there moon.
Which is a crime normally punishable by death.
The Queen spared Randy’s life and she really took a liking to him after she got to know him, and realized
he was the most interesting man in the Universe, she did released him after her skilled mechanics repaired
his scooter, (6 months) and he flew back to Lippo. He and the Queen are still dating on and off to this day.
But that has nothing to do with the ride.
till next time taa ta the Rod Blog.
Being in Love can be difficult, but not being is unimaginable.

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