Route 66 Voodoo

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Route 66 Voodoo

Today’s story and sketch “by me” we are at the oldest Voodoo Retail
shop in Cucamonga California. The shop was opened in 1840 by a gypsy
girl Shanna Omawowow, before she opened the Voodoo Shop, she was
the first employee next door at the Thomas and Julio Winery, she was actually the only winery employee for many years, and she was very
busy, while Thomas and Julio were away selling the wine that Shanna
was not only bottling, she also pick the grapes in the Thomas and
Julio 50 acre vineyard, then would do the maceration,
(Stomp the Grapes with her feet the traditional Gypsy way),
then do the bottling, draw the labels with her face and
vintage on every bottle. Thomas and Julio were so successful selling
wine on their wine tasting road shows, they had to find a way to
increase Shanna’s 500 bottle a day production. While in LA they
stoped at the ACME vintner supply company and purchased an acme
model B grape picker, an auto feed model 150 grape smusher
(macerator), and an automatic bottle filler and labeler.
Automation had made Shanna obsolete, she was let go (Fired) but
as part of her severance they gave Shanna the picker shack that had
been her home for so many years, which you see in today’s sketch,
and you may notice Thomas who wanders around the Voodoo Shop
every day. Shanna turned Thomas and Julio into a living Gypsy Voodoo
creatures the day she was fired, Sadly Julio has not been seen for many years.
Until next time taa ta the Rod Blog

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