Project Truck…

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Trexy SL ️ posted a photo:

Project Truck...

Illia:”So Trexy, are you sure JC is not going to be mad about us sinking his truck on the pool?”

Solo:”Oh dear, just look at that, it’s half the truck in the water!”

Trexy:”Well, I dont think he will be upset cause he likes working on it, he calls it his “project” truck, so I bet you girls he will be very happy to have more things to do on it!”

JC:”What the hell happened, what the hell you girls did? NO, MY BELOVED TRUCK!! I HATE YOU GIRLS!!”

This funny fantasy pic was made with the help of my dear friends Ladybot Solo, Illia Sabra and JC Underwood, thank for your patience and time while posing you and making the shot!
Hope you like and enjoy, hugs and kisses! ❤️

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