Moon Pie Rally

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Moon Pie Rally

Today’s story and sketch “by me”, is about the “GMPR” a little known Earth automotive rally event, a very secretive invitation only event, unless you are on the list of intergalactic thrill seekers, transporter pilots, Astronauts, or one of the many Doctors, Gypsy Voodoo Practitioners, Witch Doctor’s, or EMT’s that have saved Rescue Randy after one of his horrendious crashes into a moon or planet while testing experimental space craft. Randy is the most interesting living tissue crash test dummy in the Cosmos. The event the “GMPR” Great Moon Pie Rally, is sponsored by Rescue Randy and the Galaxy Moon Pie Bakers association. Most participants say it is the most intense and scary thing they they have ever done, driving on California highways driving from location to location, driving only vintage automobiles, no anti gravity craft, flying saucers or dimension jumping vehicles, when looking for special moon pies, using cryptic clues and indicator words, or short clues like, the happiest place on Earth with Moon Pies in the shape of a mouse, each moon pie found has a numeric “IC” Intergalactic Cash value, the first one at a location is worth fifty thousand IC, each one found in order decrease by Five thousand IC. The example for the mouse moon pie is easy compared to many of the sixty locations in this year’s rally, The two Monkey Astronauts in the sixty seven Corvette are completely lost asking a Beaked Beast tourist how to get to the Havasu Turtle Bar, where they hope to find the first fifty thousand IC turtle shaped moon pie, I wish all of the four hundred participants good luck, until the next update taa ta the Rod Blog.

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