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Today’s story and sketch “by me”, starts at Five am this morning, I was having my morning cup of “Chock Full Of Nuts” the heavenly coffee, and a moon pie and listening to Steely Dan’s Asia CD, when the “FAA” Flying Aliens Association emergency situation alert began screeching, and the amber Christmas Lights on Bullwinkle’s antlers started blinking, and then the emergency fax rolled out with the location of Manx Whatali a Beaked Vangasian who landed his helicopter upside down in a two thousand year old Bewitched Barking Burch Tree. Manx is the third pilot this month who has become the victim of a curse that was originally cast by the most evil Gypsy Voodoo Princess, many of my readers may remember her, Zooelda’s mother Madussa, who Bewitched the Barking Burch to capture anything flying nearby, especially Broom Flying Witches who came near her heard of Enchanted Goats, that grazed this area of the Mojave Desert, long ago when it was described as the garden of Eden, before she turned the area into a nearly uninhabitable one hundred forty degree daytime temperature waste land, which will have to be a story for another time. The garden of Eden is many centuries gone, but Madussa’s Bewitched Barking Burch’s curse is as strong, or stronger than it ever was, and with the hundreds of new Beaked Beings from the Aves Constellation retiring at the Playa Beautimus Resort, who have taken up flying as a hobby this scene may become all to frequent in the future, until next time taa ta the Rod Blog.

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