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Sugarbarre2 posted a photo:


this took me all day and night,
I was outside, it was cold and dirty, I got my bra full of beer and cigarettes, mexican and german beer.
My girdle fell off my white thighs and down to my painted lush toes, sweating under my arms and my breasts. My son had to help me, he kissed me and made it hot and felt better. My sister was nude but we insisted she put on a dress and a petticoat and gloves and a raincoat. she looked so big an fat in her plastic rain boots and her thigh high stockings.
My grandma came out and went oh my god and nearly fell off her stilettos, but we got her some black baby janes, she looked so sweet like a teen ager. a little pre teen,
Our legs were open and covered with juice . It was nasty. we hollered and screamed for a any big strong man to hold us and some were mean and held us too tight. bondage was frowned on at our house. the police came, as we yelled and giggled.
I ripped my fishnets, I got a new tattoo on my ass, and it was red. the tattoo silly.

we had a fun party
all my crossdresser friends were there and the tv and the cd in full flower.

momma loves you.
if you hit this to see all this filthy stuff I got you…lol

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