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FSU Blacksmith

Today’s story and sketch “by me” you get the first look at the “FSU” Blacksmith Shop
and Willard Wank, Master Blacksmith in his B&R Rondahonda glider, he is looking
just overhead at test pilot Mardick Gofish in the Quicksilver #15 last night he finished
fabricating the #15 outer skin over a frame made of recycled
Pool Chase lounges (very high grade aluminum), they were tossed out at the Disneyland
hotel, The outer skin is also recycled material, which is recycled
Cooking Utensils (Mostly Cast Iron Skillets), Doris Kagler picked up at the Pomona
Swap meet, but the swap meet is a story for another time.
Willard hammered and forged the pans into extremely thin aircraft grade skin
which was fabricated around the Flyer Designed by Doris, with another attempt at
using the “RGAGIT” Radon Gas Anti Gravity Intergalactic Drive, from unit #10 which
crashed last week into Irvine Lake, and it too was recovered to be recycled,
but that to is a story for another time.
Because today we are here learn a bit about Willard, he is best known as the
Blacksmith and shoe designer that fabricated the Elegant Alien Lady Astronauts,
Magnetic metal Pump Style Loafers. Very stylish and functional when your at
zero gravity in the kitchen cooking, which is also a story for another time,
So until that time taa ta the Rod Blog

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