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Buick Glider

Today’s story and sketch “by me” you see what is becoming common
here at the Playa Beautimus Retirement Resort, children like
two of the Kabeski children who just exited the Topoc Gorge
stargate out of worm hole nine in a Buick Astro Coupe searching
for their parents, who have recently moved to Earth, specifically
to the Mohave deserts Playa Beautimus Retirement Resort area once
known as Quarzsite Arizona. The two youths are two of 33 children
of Westtley Kabeski and his wife Dotti, who recently purchased a
nice half acre retirement view lot with half a dozen Tiki Palms
and water well. The Kabeski’s left their 13 thousand acre Goat
Ranch on the Planet Klingonia in the middle of the night on
April 16.
After packing for a quick get away in the Family RV, Dotti left a
note for their 33 children, they were now the owners of the
ranch, the house, outbuildings, and the 2311 goats.
And to be safe and stay busy making and selling the popular Kabeski
goat cheese moon pies, pay the property taxes on time, and not to come looking for them, they would write soon.
Dottie by accident left a Playa Beautimus Resort Brochure in the
unburned trash. The two Kabeski children probably did not read
the entire brochure, where it forbids children under 100 years of
age moving in with parents at Playa Beautimus, and when the children
do find Westtly and Dotti they will be escorted out of Playa Beautimus
by JB (seen above in the a “PBRR” security chopper) and sent back
into the worm hole they came through.
Until next time taa ta the Rod Blog

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