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Today’s story and sketch “by me”, started at early thirty man cave time, I was having my morning cup of “Chock Full Of Nuts” the heavenly coffee, and a Double Banana Chocolate moon pie, listening to Steely Dan’s Countdown to Ecstasy CD, when the “FAA” Flying Aliens Association emergency situation alert began screeching , the amber Lights on Bullwinkle’s antlers started blinking, and then the emergency fax rolled out a high priority intergalactic emergency crash site location. The crash as you can see is not a major intergalactic incident, at the moment there seems to be no Beaked Being or human injuries, no leaked plutonium putty, or massive out of control fire. Though there is a new very troubling situation recently discovered concerning Bewitched Trees, like the one sketched, that have previously never been mentioned as an intergalactic or dimension jumping threat to civilian or military flying. This previously unknown Bewitched Oak was cursed by the most evil Gypsy Voodoo Princess, many of my readers may remember her, Zooelda’s mother Madussa, who Bewitched the Oak to capture Broom Flying Witches who came near her heard of Enchanted Goats, that grazed this area of the Mojave Desert, long ago when it was described as the garden of Eden, before she turned the area into a nearly uninhabitable one hundred forty degree daytime temperature waste land, which will have to be a story for another time. Today the Oak sucked in Dwebber a Beaked Escondildian who was flying in the vintage Stearman he recently equipped with the latest cerebral mind control flight system. Recently a visiting Martian Seeker an expert on witchcraft and other Voodoo spells, estimated there could be hundreds of bewitched trees in the Mojave that may become activated by the Beaked Beings Brainwaves, until next time and possibly news of more pilots using only their minds to control flight systems, and possibly their brain waves unlocking the centuries old Madussa witch magnet tree curse, until then taa ta the Rod Blog.

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