20180609_190433-Day 313

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20180609_190433-Day 313

Day 313-4 years ago today we lost the great Rik Mayall. Today I watched some of his work and this one I got off youtube (I dont own it!!!! WHAT!!!) and its a sketch from a show he was on called The Comic Strip, with Ade Edmonson, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Nigel Planer to name a few. It kind of came after The Young Ones and was a short films kind of show…hard to explain but anyway, they all played different characters in each one and this particular one is called Fistful of Traveler’s Cheques and its a riff on the Italian western with 2 guys on holiday in Spain…its funny as hell, especially seeing Rik in all the garb and channeling the typical Italian western guy.
I miss that bastard every day and think about him every day. 4 years…sigh…

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